Our community

Mt Tabor is a community of 27 core member, their advocates, lives in and day support, community leaders, whanau and friends. We are intentional about life being catered around our core people within seven households in Henderson and Helensville.

As a faith-based organisation

Mt Tabor recognises the spiritual and religious needs and aspirations of its members and respects those who have no spiritual or religious affiliation. Our community and faith life inspire us to be open to people of differing intellectual capacity, social origin, religion, race, and culture.

Sharing home life together at the heart of L’Arche Mount Tabor.

Homes usually consist of five to six people, with and without intellectual disabilities. These people live in a family–like an environment where each person contributes as he or she is able; helping with chores or cooking or perhaps bringing the gift of helping others to slow down and be more present in the moment.

Our home are places of growth

Where each person is supported to attain his or her full potential. In the sharing of life together, each one also grows in self-understanding and understanding of others. Decisions concerning home life are made as much as possible at a weekly house meeting.



Marie Hogan

• 13 years, Qualified Librarian and Union Representative, Gisborne and Christchurch
• 4 years, Auckland Hospital Nurse in Rehabilitation and Oncology
• 20 years, Mt Tabor Trust, Trustee and present Chair, House Leader, Advocate
• Health Co-ordinator 05-06, (CEO) Community Leader 06 -09,
• 11 years, Helensville Birthing Centre, Staff Nurse
• 8 years, Quality Assurance and Management Team, QA Co-ordinator
• 4 years, practise within Helensville Birthing Centre as Lactation Consultant, IBCLC
• Advocacy and communication for people with intellectual disability.
• Implementation of Disability Standards within Intentional Community model and Hospital settings.
• Group facilitation, training, mediation
• Servant leadership model of management
• Event management.


Barry Twydle

Health Professional
• Personal Advocate
• Justice of the Peace

He aha te mea nui o te ao What is the most important thing in the world?

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata

It is the people, it is the people, it is the people


Every person has the potential to maximise their potential given the right support.

This may be achieve


Ian Yost

Ian has management experience in both the business and community healthcare sectors. He is passionate about delivering quality support services that meet the needs of the community and their families, while maintaining a work environment that is healthy, friendly and supportive for staff.


• Some of the previous roles Ian has held:
• HR & Compliance Manager
• Business Development Manager
• Planning and Funding Manger
• Home Healthcare Manager


Sujoy Nandy


Vicky Carr

Warm greetings to you all, he mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa. My name is Vicky Carr, I am a retired teacher and I have been associated with Mt Tabor for seventeen years. I met one of our core in 1998 and became her advocate in 1999. Through attending core meetings with her, I began to know Mt Tabor’s way of life. As an educator, I admired the way people were encouraged and supported to be the best they could be. In 2004, I took on the voluntary position of Advocate’s Coordinator and I am still doing this work. An important part of this is the convening of the Core meetings and the distribution on our Agendas and minutes. Every time I attend the meetings, I celebrate the growth in our Core Peoples ability to express themselves. I have had four years attendance at Board Meetings supporting the Core Trustees, which has deepened my understandings of Mt Tabor and its community. I have been working with another advocate to develop a Māori language and Culture programme that will respond to the various needs of our community. Now I have joined the Community Council and I hope to be able to put the experience I have gained through participating in the amazing world of Mt Tabor to very good use.

Mariet Janssen

Mariet Janssen, born in 1953 and was employed as a social worker, speciality community work in The Netherlands.Came to NZ in 1978.Worked for the post office and later telecom for 13 years. Was union rep in my branch.Met partner David in 1979. We adopted Kevin Hannam in 1989 and had two other sons Rory and Sean. We separated in 1997 and moved to West Auckland.We met Mt Tabor in 1981 in Grey Lynn, we were friends for years, and joined in celebrations, parties and camps.David worked for Mt Tabor for 18 years and I now for 6 or 7.When the boys were little, I took them to Play Centre, later I volunteered at their schools for reading, art and trips. I also drove people to a day program in Swanson Rd and tried to set up a parent support group with help from Ignite. I later joined a younger support group there and was their librarian.

Richard Swingler

Richard Swingler

Richard has been with Mt Tabor since 2005. In 2007 he started dating Nellie and they have now been together 10 years. They celebrated with a Commitment Ceremony in 2015. Richard enjoys the activities, birthday parties, and other events, such as camp, that Mt Tabor offers. He is currently looking for work and has great computer skills along with being a good artist. As our newest member of the Community Council, Richard is looking forward to developing new skills for the future.



Feel free to contact us through the office (09) 420 9701.