We are people with and without intellectual disabilities, sharing life community mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of our journey together we celebrate the unique value of every person and recognise our need of one another.

At Mt Tabor, people with intellectual disabilities and those who assist them, live together and are equally responsible for the life of their home and community.

Mt Tabor recognises

The value of the human person and celebrates the ability of people with intellectual disabilities to welcome and accept others as they are. We believe that this gift has an important and transformative effect on others.  It enables and assists each one of us to become more human and helps us to create a more inclusive society where people with intellectual disabilities are recognised for their contribution in making New Zealand a better place to live.

As a service provider, Mt Tabor has a ‘community model’ of living, rather than a medical or social service model of care. While Ministry of Health standards are fully adhered to, much effort goes into encouraging mutuality in relationships and shared ownership for the life and spirit of welcome that is typical of our households.


Our main office is situated in Helensville,50km North West of Auckland, New Zealand. The office is situated at 92 Commerical Road.