Many Deaf plus people in the wider community are placed in workshops and day programmes by their providers. Unfortunately these programmes do not provide language for Deaf plus, so they are left out and isolated, without options provided by language. The Aim of the programme is to have an awareness of what hearing people take for granted.

Mt Tabor has set up a functional Deaf plus Resource Centre with the help of Ministry of Social Development funding. Although many individuals attending do not use mainstream NZSL all have one thing in common…they are deaf and rely on what they see to communicate. Individual development through the signing and visual environment is an essential part of allowing the group to develop their communication skills further.

The significant difference of this programme is that it offers a focussed environment where visual language is the norm and not the exception. People who visit the centre are expected to at least attempt to use a visual communication method. The new Deaf Resource Centre is a Turangawaewae (a place to stand) of the DEAF. Respect is first given to their language. All attempts at signing are valued.

The Resource Centre is set up as a unique / creative environment where those who have had little access to education can come and develop skills and be creative. We focus largely on life skills, literacy, numeracy, social skills, cooking skills, communication skills including NZSL, technology and creative arts, etc.

For more information please contact our Deaf Day Programme Coordinator, Angela Treanor –