About Us

Early Beginnings

Mt Tabor grew out of people who were not given a chance. Out of belief of those who heard Jean Vanier speak and wanted to make a difference. They visited St John’s Psychopaedic Hostel in Papatoetoe where friendships were formed and they invited seven people to come and live with them. These people became the core members of Mt Tabor.

The ideal of living, working and praying together like a family, in the spirit of the Gospels and Beatitudes, was inspired by the L’Arche communities whose Charter they adopted as part of the Trust Deed.

More people came and lived in houses and flats in Grey Lynn and then Helensville. Trustees, neighbours, friends, families, churches and community groups have continued to support Mt Tabor to grow and live in this spirit.

Mt Tabor has the person at the centre of the Trust, that is why we call them the core, the centre of our Trust and our workers are called support workers as they support the core to live an ordinary life.


Ways of Supporting

Each core member is given the right to choose what they want to achieve to have a normal life. To do this we use the PATH Process (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope). This is a sequence of guides that help to clarify the meaning of their work, visualise the results of significant change, illustrate the tension between where they are now and where they want to be, and outlines the positive actions to move towards the results they want.

These are formulated into achievable short term and long term goals, encompassing their abilities, their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations. The outcomes of these form an Individual Life Plan (ILP) that help us to support them to attain their goals.